Once again, the human race has appalled me. The best and worst thing about people is, as always, the capacity they have to shock me even after I think I’ve seen it all. Below is a tweet I saw earlier and some responses to that tweet.



Reading this had made me want to retire from the human race. I understand that this tweet was in reference to song lyrics that may or may have been (but definitely were) inspired by real events. My issue is not with the tweet, my issue is with the responses. How are we still at a place where people (men) feel comfortable to post things like this on the internet for everyone to see. 24 people every minute are the victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking. ( That means that when you make a joke about abuse/rape, the likelihood that a person who is a survivor of abuse hears that joke is devastatingly high. If they overhear you and break down in tears because they are reliving it, or they collapse to the floor because they are having a flashback, are you going to tell them, to “relax” because it’s just a joke? 

GIRLS: when boys make rape/abuse jokes, they’re not jokes. They’re stating their opinion. If they lived in a time before the feminist movement, they probably wouldn’t even bother to disguise it with “comedy.”

So, hey, snaps for progress???

The trolls that responded to this tweet are like people who probably only make up a small percentage of the population…but men (and women) who “don’t need feminism” are alarmingly common. 

To anybody who says, “I don’t need feminism,” please look at these photos and tell me this is not blatant, horrifying sexism and victim blaming. And if the answer to sexism isn’t feminism, WTF is the answer? You don’t get to say “I’m not sexist but….” No. No. No. Shut up. SHut your mouth. If you’re not a feminist you are indeed, sexist. Sorry! No middle ground people. You either have respect for women and think they are equal or you don’t. BYE.

I NEED FEMINISM BECAUSE I am so so so so tired of men saying “it’s a joke, relax!” I am tired of men thinking I am uptight and can’t take a joke because I speak up for myself, I am tired of them grabbing my ass and shouting at me from cars. I AM SO FUCKING TIRED of feeling like the space I take up is space I’m taking away from men. I am tired of hearing people say “boys will be boys” when they really mean “I respect women and girls AS LONG AS that respecting of women and girls doesn’t get my boys in trouble.” I’m tired of people telling girls that if a boy is mean to them “he probably likes you.”

A story: On my first day of work I was asked if I could do dishes. Before I could respond, a male coworker said, “of course she does, she’s a female.” I’m sick and tired of feeling ashamed that I laughed nervously because I was new and I didn’t want to make waves. I’m so fucking tired. DON’T FORGET GIRLS: EVERY TIME YOU REFUSE TO LAUGH AT SOMETHING THATS NOT. FUCKING. FUNNY, AN ANGEL GETS ITS WINGS.


I kind of feel bad for Barbie

I consider myself something of a feminist, considering I’m a woman and I think I can do everything at least as well as men and most things better than them. But the one thing I will never understand is why people hate on Barbie. Does everyone realize that she had a long time boyfriend whom she never married, a thousand different careers, a well rounded social life, and a little sister that she took care of? I mean, it sounds exhausting and dolls of me would not sell as well because I could never handle all of her responsibilities and Doll Me would only have two accessories: a tiny bottle of vodka, and a set of pajamas.

But I digress.

Barbie does all these really great things and she looks good doing them and all anyone fucking talks about is her body. Isn’t that exactly what we are trying to discourage girls from doing?? What if instead of saying to little girls, “you know Barbie is just a toy and if she were real she’d have to walk on all fours and she’d have to wear infant shoes” (which little girls don’t care about because they have no idea what you’re trying to explain to them) we were like “wow girls, look what a great big sister Barbie is and isn’t it cool how she’s a doctor and an astronaut and she has time to surf on the weekends and she also is a skateboarding ballerina. Doesn’t she make you wanna try new things and be the best you can be?

Barbie is a pretty liberated woman and all anyone talks about is how thin she is….does anyone else see the irony??